English Lads straight young dude Danny McCaw probes his ass with a big dildo


English Lads says: Danny McCaw is a straight man who plays a lot of football, works out at the gym and knows quite a lot of our models and this helped a little when it came to today’s shoot; he had toyed with the idea of playing with a dildo and didn’t like the idea, but after a few months of persuasion he came round to it and Danny is one of these models who when he commits he fully commits.

So that means he doesn’t tip e toe around and slowly engage dildo up ass, he slams it in and pumps it in and out with real enthusiasm. He does a great job at showing off a bunch of positions you can dildo your hole and after all his teasing his hole he lies back and unloads an impressive load of cum.

Well done Danny, can we push you into a massage, please.



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Belami Online’s gay sex training with Jean-Daniel Chagall fucking Jon Kael’s tight bubble butt asshole


Belami says: Our Freshmen of the month for November will be Jon Kael, so to celebrate the fact we decided to show you one of the scenes he has filmed for Belami Online. Today we have him here with the perennially beautiful Jean-Daniel Chagall.


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Straight English lad Paul Jones jerks his 7.5 inch uncut cock


English Lads says: Paul Jones is a tall hunk of a rugby player with a great physique that is really hairy. His muscles are nicely rounded and he is pretty ripped, has real hairy legs and chest and pretty much everywhere, even with an impressive bush.

When Paul drops his boxers you can enjoy his uncut cock, he plays with his foreskin and gets a nice semi, wow this cock grows and wait till you see it full erect. He has an impressive erection, his uncut cock is both long and chunky, one meaty cock.

He is not shy about his body so you can enjoy lots of hairy hole before he lies back and dumps many impressive squirts of cum all over his hairy chest and abs. Wow, thank you Paul for showing off your great body.



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Jim Kerouac’s huge twink dick bareback fucks Johnny Bloom’s tight boy hole


Belami says: Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom, both ripped muscular young men really hit it off in this hardcore gay bareback fuck session. Filmed in Cape Town South Africa, both sexy muscle boys really give their all, with Johnny’s raw asshole taking the strain of Jim’s huge uncut cock.

A hardcore ass fucking the like of which we can only dream of. Another horny bareback fucking from those ultra sexy Belami Boys.



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Sneak Peak Aaron Janes heads outdoors to jerk his huge uncut dick in the woods


English Lads says: Handsome young guy Aaron Janes has managed to find a secluded piece of countryside, and decided to lay himself down in the grass and with half an eye on passers-by pleasure himself. There’s no doubting Aaron is a good looking lad, and has a great athletic body.

Today he’s got some stubble but looks all the more handsome for it. He’s a little nervous about being in public, but soon has his hands down his shorts and plays with his uncut cock.

Soon he’s laying on his back in the grass, shirtless, shorts at his ankles. He moves to a wooded area (who knows what he will find!) to finish wanking, and cums over himself.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English Lads updates. Only a taster we will post the full set of photos when they are released by English Lads.


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Austin Ryan and Derek Scott fucking


Cock Virgins says: The game is over but the debate has just begun and both of these sexy jocks think that without them they would have lost. Derek Scott thinks he scored the winning goal but Austin Ryan gave him the assist yet their egos are so over blown that neither one can be happy.

They end up in a wrestling match down onto the bed where they tussle around until Austin ends up on top and then the tussle slows down into a hot passionate make out session. They begin to grind each other through their gym shorts.

The smooth fabric gets both of their cocks hard and they both take turns sucking cock enjoying the sensation throbbing in their mouths. Derek lubes up Austin’s hairy ass with his stiff tongue making it wet and ready for his throbbing cock to penetrate Austin’s eager but tight hole.

The two bring out some passion fucking and sucking until Austin rides the cum out of Derek.



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Flip flop fucking Brian Jovovich and Steve Russell


Belami says: It’s not well know but Brian Jovovich works for us as a production manager in our Bratislava office, taking over more responsibilities from Phillipe while he is overseas studying English.

One perk of the job is that it gives him plenty of excuses to browse the catalog of boys and dream about which ones he wants next. It also gives him the advantage of being to influence the same decision making process.

According to Brian’s matching algorithm he decides that he will be a good match with Steve Russell and we were not ones to disagree on this choice, only insisting that it should be a flip flop scene with each of the guys taking turns to fuck each other.

What do you think? Did Brian make the right choice.



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Sascha Chaykin fucks Robin Michaux’s tight smooth bubble butt


Belami says: We have had so many new guys this year that we sometimes forget that we have boys at the end of their careers as well. Although this is not the last scene we have to show you with Sascha Chaykin it is the last one that he filmed for us, and one of the first ones for Robin Michaux.

Sacha used to bottom in most of the scenes he filmed for Belami but in this final one he’s topping the inexperienced Robin. You can feel the chemistry between these handsome, strapping fellows as the older takes care of the younger.



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Sneak Peek Kian Wellings


English Lads says: Kian Wellings is one of the more muscled models. He is solidly built, even before any clothes come off he’s clearly a very masculine guy, broad shoulders and long surfer-boy hair.

When the clothes come off you get to see his incredible physique, definitely a plus if you like tattoos, but the muscles on this guy are great; abs, chest, thick legs, and emerging from his boxers a cock that is really thick and just stays standing to attention at all times.

Kian is really aroused all though the shoot, shows us his smooth bum and strokes his meaty shlong, and tight shaved balls. He shoots a thick load of cum on himself, if only it was on me.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue


AlphaMales says: Dropping instantly to his knees, blond Logan Rogue works his juicy lips and tight throat around Tomas Brand’s impressive slab of meat, all framed by his immense torso, rippling muscles from every limb.

Taking his own dick out to jerk as he sucks on his man’s meat, both men are very well hung and we know we’re in for a good ride.


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