Sean Cody says: Young muscle dude, Jimmy has a lithe ripped body with a smattering of interesting tattoos. As he strips out of his shorts Jimmy manhandles his soft cock, it slowly becoming rock hard. He jerks it hard with swift long strokes until he spurts forth a huge orgasm of muscle boy cum.


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Arthur and Liev Bareback Gay Fucking


Sean Cody says: Bi-curious Liev fucks the tight tanned lightly hairy ass of Arthur. Arthur takes Liev’s huge cock deep inside his ass cheeks.


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Sean Cody young naked sportsman Josiah jerks his huge dick to a massive jizz cumshot


Sean Cody says: Josiah is a sweet, east coast guy who may look cute and innocent on the outside, but definitely has a bit of a wild side in him that comes out every once in a while.

He’s also pretty active and enjoys playing sports for a specific reason, “I love soccer, I love hiking, I love tennis really any sport that I can play with balls.” Well said, Josiah.

Once he got started, he just went for it and began fingering his hole. That’s when things really started to get interesting. To spice things up, we gave him a huge dildo to play with the rest is history. He’s definitely going to be a great bottom.



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Sean Cody says: Young tanned muscle boy Perry has ripped six pack abs and a gorgeous smile. As he drops his board shorts we get to see his big cock and low hanging balls.

Perry jerks his dick intensely till his balls are ready to release their creamy muscle boy cum prize. A huge cumshot.


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Parker and Joey


Sean Cody says: Sexy tattooed young stud Parker, bareback raw ass fucks ripped muscle boy Joey. Joey’s smooth muscled asshole takes a battering from Joey’s big condom free dick.


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Jed is an adorable little muscle stud – Sean Cody

Jed is an adorable little muscle stud over at Sean Cody

Jed has a lot of things going for him. He’s charming and friendly, and he has a great smile. And then there’s his body… it’s amazing! He has a big, muscular torso, great arms, an uncut cock, and a full bush with untrimmed treasure trail!

“You look really good,” I said, stating the obvious. “How often do you work out?”

“Pretty consistently. I guess I just have an overabundance of testosterone. I guess I kinda scare people when I work out. It’s really intense. I zone out and think about my movies and writing and different scenarios and kind of pretend I am in a life threatening situation. But in high school I was 120 pounds soaking wet.”

“Has anyone ever complimented you on your gigantic butt?”

Jed is an adorable little muscle stud over at Sean Cody

“Yes. I don’t know so much as complimented me as made fun of me. It’s kind of its own entity,” he joked. “If I do any kind of workout, it blows up.”

I don’t think he realizes that is not a bad thing at all!

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Sean Cody says: Nude muscle dude Vic strips naked and jerks his big thick dick till he explodes in a huge cumshot across his ripped abs.


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Young muscle studs Sean and Lane bareback ass fuck


Sean Cody says: Young muscle man Sean with the thick big muscle dick feeds his raw cock into young muscle stud Lane’s open mouth. Lane takes Sean’s cock deep to the back of his throat until Sean’s balls are gagging on his lips.

The sexy boys then 69 each enjoying the others’ hard erect dicks, and licking each others’ balls. Then Lane rims Sean’s man hole getting his tongue deep between Sean’s tanned bubble ass cheeks licking his asshole clean.

Now the muscle boys are fully revved up both their dicks are rock hard, bearded Sean slides his hard erect cock into Lane’s tight straight man hole. Lane revels in feeling Sean’s raw thick dick as it stretches his asshole wide.

Sean pumps Lane for all he is worth, pressing himself with all his muscles down deep getting further and further into Lane’s boy hole.

The hardcore bareback fucking continues until Sean is on the edge of his orgasm and Lane can take his thick cock no longer, his ass red raw. The in a few seconds Sean shoot his full cum seed into Lane’s bare hole.

Lane then follows with an equally impressive cumshot, both muscle boys lie back their sexual desire fully sated.


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Chad and Eddie


Sean Cody says: Sexy hairy chested muscle hunk Chad slips his huge thick black dick deep between Eddie’s bubble butt ass cheeks. Chad bare fucks Eddie hard and rough pumping his raw cock deeper and deeper until his balls are ready to give up their man seed. Chad explodes in a huge cumshot across both muscle men.


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Sean Cody says: Young muscle stud Devin strips down his underwear and jerks his big cock till he explodes across his rippling abs.


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