Sean Cody Porter's smooth bubble butt well and truly bare fucked by Brysen's huge erect cock

Sean Cody says: Porter reminded Brysen of a guy he used to hook up with, so it almost felt like familiar territory to him.

“I’m excited to get in there, for sure!” Brysen’s face lit up.

His nostalgia and Porter’s hunger for cock meshed well when they started going at it, so as a result, Brysen gave Porter a pounding he won’t soon forget.

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Nude muscle hunk Sean Cody Arnie strips off his kit and wanks his big all American dick

Sean Cody says: Buff hunk Arnie came to us to step outside of his everyday life, “I guess I was tired of the average corporate business life. Looking for something exciting and new step out of the bounds a bit.”

“You stepped pretty far outside the bounds.” Arnie agreed, “Yeah, that’s true but these bounds are a little bit more fun, if you know what I mean.” He laughed.

You can tell from his huge muscles that he has a love for bodybuilding and weightlifting. Seeing those arm and pec muscles contracting while he rubbed one out was definitely something we weren’t complaining about. read more

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Hottie young muscle boys Kurt and Sean bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Sun-dappled hunks Kurt and Sean tease each other and the cameras as they hike a shady trail, pulling down their shorts to reveal glimpses of their athletic glutes and even sneak peeks at their peens.

Top Sean is hungry for more as he kisses tall Kurt and caresses him all over, pulling off the handsome bottom’s shirt and then feeding him his cock.

Kurt gets so horny as Sean teases his tight hole with his tongue, he cries out, “I want that big fuckin’ dick!”

That’s all Sean needs to hear, pounding the needy bottom in doggy style and pile driver. Even Sean is surprised at how hard Kurt makes him cum: “You’re the first bottom to wear me out!” read more

Muscle tattooed bearded hunk Sean Cody Brock jerks out a huge cum load


Sean Cody says: Sexy bearded muscle hunk Sean Cody’s Brock strips naked showing off his ripped abs and v-shaped chest and broad shoulders.

As he steps out of his shorts check out Brock’s huge dick bouncing around as he moves. Jerking it swiftly he’s soon hard and erect and unable to keep it from firing a quick succession of big muscle cum shots

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Sexy hairy chested hunk Manny and ripped muscle dude Tanner bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: A lot of the gay solos that come in always have a Sean Cody favorite that they hope to one day get paired with. For Manny it was hands down Tanner.

“There is just something about him, I can’t put my finger on it. I think maybe cause I’ve seen him do some pretty dirty things on the site, it’s a huge turn on.

Tanner had a devilish look in his eye. “Oh I have some things planned for sure!

Tanner didn’t disappoint either, by the time Manny left the Sean Cody studios he could barely walk but he did have a smile ear to ear and a nice full load of Tanner inside of him. read more

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Hot muscle boy Rowan bareback ass fucking Forrest

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Sean Cody Nixon drops a full load in his first solo jerk off


Sean Cody says: Nixon is an all-around nice guy with the good looks and a charming personality to go with it. He does bodybuilding so he works on his physique quite a lot, and it shows seeing as he’s in great shape.

“I try to stay lean year round, as you can see.” He’s never hooked up with a guy, but has definitely thought about it and is open to the idea of it, which is a good thing for us.

Nixon seemed shy at some points, but that was just his innocent charm, he was actually pretty comfortable whipping out his dick to jerk off and shoot a huge load all over the place. read more

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Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Graham has a handsome face and a great smile. As he slips down his swim shorts he reveals a tight muscle body with ripped abs and a big curved dick. Graham gets to work wanking his man meat till he’s overcome by the that sensation in his low hanging balls. Suddenly he quits jerking and explodes in a forceful cumshot.

See Graham fully exposed here!

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Sean Cody Howard can't get enough of bare fucking Joey’s big bubble butt ass

Sean Cody Howard’s a little distracted by Joey’s big tight ass!…… read more

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