Kaden Alexander and Jaden Bentley


Broke Straight Boys says: Venezuelan Jaden Bentley is a little worried about the stereotype that black guys have huge cocks but he finds out soon enough that in Kaden Alexander’s case, it’s definitely true. Watch as Jaden gets fucked raw by Kaden’s big prick.


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Grey Donovan is ready to feel ginger straight boy Richie West’s tight ass around his big raw cock

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Broke Straight Boys says: Richie West was a newbie not too long ago, but now that he’s got some experience under his belt, he’s ready to train the other newcomers, including his scene partner today, Grey Donovan.

Leaning in for a kiss, Richie locks lips with Grey, kissing him nice and slow before getting naked and working down to Grey’s cock, taking it in his mouth and running his wet tongue slowly up and down that shaft. read more

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Cage Kafig fucks Rowan Adams with every inch of his big dick until both guys cum hard

Broke Straight Boys says: Cage Kafig and Rowan Adams exchange a few kisses while they get naked and then Cage bends down to suck Rowan’s cock, working that dick with his mouth until Rowan is good and hard. Rowan returns the favor as he takes Cage’s prick between his soft lips and gets him hard, wrapping his tongue around Cage’s sensitive tip while Cage gets hornier by the second.

Rowan’s cock sucking skills has got Cage ready to fuck and when Rowan lies back on the bed Cage fills Rowan’s tight ass with his long shaft, wrapping his hand around Rowan’s neck as he fucks him raw. Rowan breathes hard, trying to ease the pain of Cage’s huge dick splitting his ass hole as Cage goes deeper and harder.

Cage pulls Rowan on top of him and lets him ride that thick cock while Cage plays with Rowan’s dick and then Cage takes over, thrusting his dick into Rowan and watching it disappear up that sweet ass.

Cage turns Rowan onto his back and pounds him some more, getting deep inside of him, filling him with every inch of his big dick until both of these guys cum hard, spilling their seed across themselves and the bed.

Looks like Rowan may need some extra time to recover from this hot scene.

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Gage Owens is bottoming today lucky John Henry gets to break in his tight virgin straight ass


Broke Straight Boys says: John Henry and Gage Owens are both pretty new, but the way these guys go at it, you wouldn’t know it. They warm things up with some kisses, locking lips as they slowly get undressed, and when Gage’s pants are off John’s mouth is on Gage’s cock in a matter of seconds.

John runs his hand and mouth over Gage’s hard erect big dick, sucking that thick cock until it’s standing straight up and dripping for some 69ing action.

John climbs on top and dangles his own big dick in Gage’s face, letting him choke on that thick cock while John gets a mouthful of Gage’s prick. But when it comes time to fuck, Gage is bottoming today for his first time ever, and lucky John gets to break in that tight virgin straight ass.

Gage lies on the bed and spreads his legs apart so that John can slide his big dick inside of him, and he does it nice and slow so that Gage can get used to the feeling.

When he doesn’t hear Gage object, John goes in deeper and starts to fuck him bareback, making Gage moan as his ass gets stretched around John’s throbbing cock.

John doesn’t take it easy on Gage as he slams into that tight ass hole, hard and deep and raw until he makes Gage bust a nut and then he cums on Gage’s ass then fucks him with the hot jizz.


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Gage Owens buries his long bareback dick in Zeno Kostas balls deep and fucking him hard


Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is one of our newbies, and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass. Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard.

Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work.

When Gage has sucked on Zeno’s nipples and gotten a few more kisses, he gets his cock and balls sucked by Zeno who goes all out, shoving Gage’s pierced prick down his throat and drooling all over that juicy meat.

After Zeno has showed Gage a thing or two about dick sucking, he lets Gage give it a go and Gage takes it nice and slow, getting used to the feeling of a dude’s dripping dick in his mouth.

He gets the hang of it quick and deep throats Zeno’s impressive wang, driving him wild with his new oral skills before Zeno spreads his legs and lets Gage start his next lesson: fucking a guy raw.

Gage buries his long bareback dick in Zeno, balls deep and fucking him hard, grabbing a fistful of Zeno’s long hair as he pumps him full of his hard cock.

Zeno moans as he takes that huge dick until it’s too much for him and he blows his load and then Gage cums on Zeno’s back.


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Chandler Scott and Gage Owens bareback ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: Some heavy kissing and intense making out opens up this sexy scene between Gage Owens and Chandler Scott as they get each other going with a little tongue-on-tongue action.

They undress slowly with Gage making the move toward Chandler’s cock first, unzipping his pants and kissing his way down to Chandler’s already erect dick!

Gage pulls back Chandler’s boxers to reveal that fat meat and gets to work sucking Chandler’s cock and balls, then undoing his own pants he offers his package to Chandlers as they 69.

When the oral has gotten them hard as fuck, Chandler’s ready for some ass and Gage gets them lubed up, straddling Chandler and lowering his tight hole onto Chandler’s throbbing cock, riding reverse cowboy as Chandler enjoys the view.

Chandler moves them to a different position, holding Gage’s legs wide open as he fucks him deep and raw, taking it slow so that Gage can feel every inch of Chandler’s long cock inside of him.

Chandler’s balls slap against Gage’s nice ass as Gage strokes his own dick and moans with Chandler’s deep thrusts until he can’t hold back anymore and lets that cum fly.

But Chandler isn’t done with Gage’s ass yet, he keeps on pumping, fucking his bottom bareback until he’s ready to come, pulling out and shooting a massive load onto Gage’s face.


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Straight boys James Andrews and Chandler Scott hardcore ass fucking


Broke Straight Boys says: There are no kisses exchanged between James Andrews and Chandler Scott, they jump right into the oral after they take their clothes off, and it’s Chandler who gets his face fucked first.

He goes down on James, licking and sucking James’s big dick while James rests his hand on Chandler’s head, pushing it down a little farther as Chandler does his best to deep throat that beast of a big cock.

When James is good and hard, they take a minute to sneak in some kisses as they passionately lock lips before it’s James’s turn to give Chandler oral.

He does his best to suck that dick, getting it as far back in his mouth as he can manage while Chandler watches him from above.

After James is satisfied with his cock-sucking job, he pulls Chandler to the end of the bed and shoves his bareback prick inside of Chandler’s tight ass, then fucks him doggy style and raw as Chandler closes his eyes and takes that hard cock.

James makes Chandler’s ass bounce with each hard thrust, until he has Chandler cumming all over himself and James explodes with pleasure.


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