Ross bareback fucks Porter's muscle ass


Sean Cody says: Sexy tanned muscle hunk Porter kneels and takes Ross’ big cock into his mouth. He chokes it down right to the back of his throat.

Porter hovers his asshole right over Ross’ cock then presses himself down hard. Ross pumps his raw cock in and out of his anal hole.

The horny muscle boys bareback fucking continues until both guys are on the edge of orgasm.


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Smooth ripped muscle dude Ross


Sean Cody says: Young muscle boy Ross strips off his shirt revealing a slightly furry chest and a developing six pack set of abs.

As he drops his shorts Ross’ curved dick comes into view. An average sized cock with a bend in it. Ross starts to jerk it until his soft cock is rock hard and erect.

He turns over to lie on his stomach, showing off his hairy butt cheeks and pink asshole as well as the soles of his feet.

Lying on his back again, Ross wanks his cock till he is on the edge of his orgasm. With a few tight jerks cum spurts forth as he empties the full cum contents of his tight balls over his stomach and chest. What a cumshot.


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