Sexy young muscle dude Sean Cody Burke strips and jerks out a huge cumload


Sean Cody says: “So you look like a burly mountain man!” Burke said he had no problem getting naked and jerking off but he didn’t want to shave his beard. “You know, I’ve been known to chop some wood and wear flannel!” He joked.

We a good time getting to know Burke a bit. He’s from the east coast but just moved out to the west coast. “I’ve always wanted to pack my begs and travel so I just recently bought a one way plane ticket and went for it!” “Are you glad you did it?” I asked “Hell yeah have you ever seen an east coast winter.

Fuck that!” Burke got really comfortable really quick and started to tease the camera guys a little bit. “I could use some help in here, I can’t reach my back or balls!” He said to the camera guys while he took a shower.

‘You are such a flirt!” Burke just smiled and laughed. “Yeah, I know!”


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Sexy muscle jock Gary bareback fucking muscle stud Tanner’s tight man hole


Sean Cody says: New muscle top Gary bareback fucks the tight man hole of Sean Cody’s sexy muscle hunk Tanner. Hairy chested Tanner rides in a number of steaming hot sexual positions, each one getting Gary’s huge raw muscle dick deeper and deeper between Tanners bubble butt ass cheeks.

Gary’s hardcore raw ass fucking ends when he can hold on no longer and blows a big load of muscle cum. Gary sprays Tanner with his creamy cum quickly followed by Tanner’s equally impressive cumshot. One coupling that is sure to blow your top or bottom.


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Sexy bearded muscle hunk Dimitry jerks his big dick to a massive cumshot


Sean Cody says: We usually start off by asking a new model some questions to get to know them a little bit, but we were too mesmerized by Dimitry working out that chiseled body if his.

He’s a sexy muscular guy with the nicest personality, and is quite modest. When we asked him about his dick size, he replied, “I don’t know, it’s aright, probably like 5 or 6 inches”

Dimitry is definitely bigger than 5 or 6 inches, and he certainly knows how to use that thick piece of meat.



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Cameron and Tanner


Sean Cody says: Tanner takes Cameron’s huge raw cock deep inside his tight ass cheeks. Sexy tanned muscle boy Tanner has learned the pleasures of bareback ass fucking first hand. He ain’t complaining and neither is big dicked Cameron.


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Sean Cody’s Atticus and Joey outdoor bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: Atticus was super excited when we told him he was going to be working with Joey. He was under the assumption that he was going to be topping Joey’s huge muscle ass since Joey has always been a bottom. “It’s a nice surprise.

I thought I was going to top but now that I know he’s going to fuck me…I cant wait!” Atticus even did his homework. “Before I flew out here I watched every Joey film.

I even jerked off to a few!” Joey was a bit nervous since this was his first time topping. “I have become such a power bottom, it’s going to be a whole new ball game!”

Once these two got acquainted with each other we packed up the studio and went for a little adventure. Atticus and Joey had a great time hiking around a bit and fucking outside.


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Hot naked muscle jocks Landon and Shaw bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: There’s nothing like being in the mountains with two muscle studs complimenting each other on their bodies. It’s no secret that both Landon and Shaw have amazing bodies, and other wonderful assets as well.

They also have similar playful personalities, so naturally, these two factors translated well in the bedroom.


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Sean Cody says: Ripped freckled young muscle stud Caden has a beautiful sexy face. He strips off his board shorts and wanks his hard erect dick. Caden has a hairy stomach and ripped abs and as he jerks his cock his abs ripple. Jerking his dick hard Caden slowly builds up to the edge of orgasm and then he just lets his balls release their cum juices. Firing his cumshot across his hairy abs.


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Ace bottoms for the first time for Jack’s big thick dick

Sean Cody says: Yet another hot newbie is back, and we were pleasantly surprised.

“For Jack over here, I had to make the trip.”

This is Ace’s first time bottoming, and it’s about time! With an ass like that, it’s shocking that nobody has been inside that bubble butt of his.

Muscle giant Jack had fun dominating, and Ace couldn’t have asked for more on his first time taking dick.

After Jack was done with him, his face showed that this won’t be last time he has sex with a guy.


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All the Sean Cody updates right here!

Sean Cody gets a 5 star rating at My Gay Porn List Read the full review here

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Tyson strips naked and jerks his big all American dick

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Sean Cody says: Hot muscle jock Jake strips naked showing off his many sexy tattoos as he jerks his thick dick. As he turns around and bends over he gives us a glimpse of his juicy bubble butt. Jake wanks his cock till he spurts creamy white cum across his tattooed abs.


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