Will Braun plunges his huge erect cock deep into Scott Riley’s tight asshole


Men.com says: Colby gets Scott Riley to come over to his home to give his sitter a test run before giving him his hot dad dick. Will Braun is obviously not going to turn down a chance to plunge his cock deep into Scott so the two go at it, fucking until Scott is left dripping in cum.



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Spritzz Jaden Idol smooth ass fucked by Niki’s big twink cock

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Connor Maguire and Tobias big cock suck and fuck orgy


Men.com says: Tobias catches Connor Maguire stroking his cock and is soon coaxed into joining him for a suck and fuck fest. Tobias rides Connor and delights in being pounded by his throbbing piece of meat.



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Brenner Bolton's tight asshole fucked hard by Noah Jones’ huge dick

Men.com says: Brenner Bolton has a devious plan to steal Noah Jones’ family wealth, and it begins with a quick lay. Watch as Noah pumps Brenner’s ass with his hard cock, unaware of the scheming taking place behind his back.


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Young army recruit Franco jerks his huge uncut cock


Active Duty says: What a nice little taste of variety this young man is. Right from the jump, I was hooked by Franco’s urban flair. And I’ll admit, by the end, I was thrown for a bit of a loop.

Franco came off as a bit shy in the beginning, even standoffish I’d say. But I was sorely wrong. As you can hear from his interacting later in the shoot, with Claude, Franco really hit the ground running with a forward-marching attitude that really blasted this young man right onto my most-anticipated list.

This is another fine recruit brought to us by Claude, who’s been rounding up strong, virile soldiers in the San Diego area. As I’ve mentioned before, I lived in San Diego for several years and it’s no surprise Claude has been so successful. Franco has a very down-to-earth vibe.

He’s real, he’s raw, and he has a huge, beautiful, uncut cock. Claude tells me Franco is one of the most eager prospective recruits he’s ever seen. I’ve seen enough boys come through to know what that means we’ll get to experience Franco push a lot of his limits to the very edge, and I’d bet he’s gonna have a blast doing it.

Franco gets going and really works up to a strong beat. His physical power is so evident as he tugs his swollen cock. His rhythm and force become extremely intense as he gets lost the experience. Let’s keep our eyes peeled and our senses heightened in anticipation of Franco’s return. This recruit is going places.


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Vadim Farrell and Ennio Guardi


Belami says: Sexy boy Vadim Farrell bareback fucks the tight boy ass hole of Ennio Gardi. Vadim’s hard erect raw dick slips between Ennio’s smooth twink boy ass cheeks.



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Hot muscled dudes Manuel Skye and Skyy Knox hardcore anal fucking

Men.com says: Manuel Skye is going undercover as a stripper to investigate criminal activities—but before going out on the job he needs to receive training from Skyy Knox.

The guys go from stretching hamstrings to holes after Skyy puts on his hottest striptease, working Manuel into a horny frenzy.

His thick cock fits snugly in Skyy’s deliciously tight hole, and he pounds away until both men erupt.


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Dirty Scout 51


Dirty Scout says: This had to be the shyest boy I have ever met in my office. At the first sight he looked very poor. To my surprise he didn’t complain, he lived in a small apartment in Prague and was happy with what he had. I think his main problem was the lack of ambition.

His salary demands were very low, he didn’t think ahead at all. I had no idea how he could get by. Judging by what he said to me, he was from a bit dysfunctional family, which probably was the cause of his behavior. His shyness started to be annoying so I shifted our conversation to more interesting topic.

He was very young and frightened, perhaps that was why he was willing to do all my favorite things for such a low price. And I couldn’t wait to see this cutie swallow my hot cum.



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Brandon Jones ass fucks big dildo + Damian Boss fills his hot hole

UK Naked Men says: Hot bearded top Damian Boss in his first outing for UKN. The relative newcomer is jerking around with sex addict 26 year old Brandon Jones. Yep handsome Brandon is the guy with that innocent face which has fooled many in the past.

With his uncontrollable sex drive coupled with a big uncut cock and that arse of steel, he’s reckoned to have the most talented dick milking ass muscles in town. Well we’ll see how he measures up to our Damian’s thick club cock. After all Damian can fill the deepest throat and the hungriest fuck hole.

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Brian inserted his hard erect big cock deep into Quentin’s ass fucking him hard


Active Duty says: Well this is a humongous treat for me. We have a favorite recruit from way back, who’s come to re-acquaint himself with our fine platoon. Brian is back with us and he’s very excited to be matched up with more recent favorite, the smoking hot stud Quentin.

So once the fun started, Brian’s big dick seemed to get harder and (as if it was possible) bigger. Quentin certainly took his time enjoying the massive big cock erection too. After that, Brian went to his knees to return the favor.

Wow, Brian must’ve continued a strict training regimen while in retirement because he still has the magic. He went to town on Quentin’s big cock, giving it all the care and love a nice hard erect dick deserves.

I sure am proud of both of these military young men. The two moved to the bed where Quentin finally sat on Brian’s throbbing member and slowly worked up to a good riding pace.

My goodness is that dick a massive ass hole stretcher. Claude did a beaut of a job getting nice shots. Eventually, Brian eased his way into an intense ass fucking, thrusting hard upwards into Quentin.

Next, Quentin laid on his back and Brian inserted his hard erect big cock. My goodness, Quentin looks handsome getting fucked lying on his back.

His tattoos, that gorgeous face, maybe the lighting did something too, but that super huge dick working in and out is really not to be missed. When Brian ended this part of the ass fucking session, he pulled out and let Claude get in for a tight shot.

We see Quentin’s amazingly tight butt hole, with Brian’s lubed fingers rubbing it as he remarks, ‘it’s so tight, and god, it spreads so wide.’ Then Quentin bends over and we enjoy a solid butt fucking just the kind we’d hoped for when we first feasted our eyes on Brian’s incredibly huge dick.


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