Czech Hunter 278

CzechHunter says: In Holesovice there is a huge shop with computers. I was snooping around for any good looking geeks and nerds. After some time I came across a beautiful young boy, who was there to pick up a new T-shirt. A very nice T-shirt to be honest.

It had kamasutra style pictures on it. Immediately, I got an awesome idea. I wanted to try every single position depicted on the T-shirt. Obviously, I couldn’t go for it too directly, I had to be smart and charming at first.

Fortunately, the guy was at high school so he was basically broke. We went for a little walk and then I took him somewhere nice. He had an absolutely stunning cock, I almost couldn’t stop playing with that beautiful thing. read more

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Belami: Mick Lovell, Dolph Lambert and Alex Waters, three hot guys, what next? Threesome!

trio Mick Lovell Dolph Lambert Alex Waters in threesome 001 Young Naked Boy Twink Strips Naked and Strokes His Big Hard Cock for at belami photo Belami: Mick Lovell, Dolph Lambert and Alex Waters, three hot guys, what next? Threesome!

Excerpt from Belami: Dolph Lambert and two Americans, Mick Lovell and Alex Waters spend the day at the Water park. Enjoying each others company  during the long fun days of summer at Lake Balaton, central Europe’s largest fresh water lake, the Hungarian sea as people call it.

After a long day of splashing about Alex leaves the park alone to return home but is soon followed by the others. We catch up with the pair as they arrive home and start making out on the couch. As the acton progresses Dolph is in the middle of giving Mick a blowjob when Alex enters and the two way quickly becomes a threesome with both Americans taking turn on Dolph`s butt.  Then it is Mick Lovell’s turn to get fucked as first Dolph then Alex plunges their hot uncut cocks into Mick’s tight almost virginal ass hole.  Mick loves every second, the expression on his beautiful face tells all! Watch this super sordid scene at Belami! read more

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Nicko spreads Tyrese Reed's ass open and slides his thick meat inside

College Dudes says: Tyrese Reed and Nicko feel each other up as they make out, reaching their hands down each other’s pants and rubbing their cock and ass as they get harder by the second. Tyrese gets on his knees and goes down on Nicko, massaging that giant prick with his lips as Nicko eases it farther down his throat.

Then it’s Nicko’s turn to get a taste of Tyrese’s thick meat as he takes it in his mouth and sucks on it, running his tongue up and down that hard shaft as Tyrese watches him work that cock. read more

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18 Year old footballer Oscar Harrison strips down showing his bare ass

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Jason Clark and Jim Kerouac


Belami says: The Bel Ami team got together six of their sexiest and hottest Hungarians to film this small orgy for you. Jim Kerouac, Vadim Farrell, Florian Nemec, Erik Bouna, Jason Clark and Julien Hussey make up the team for this 2-part special update. In part 1 they all start to get warmed up and finish off with blowing each other to climax. Then in Part 2, the guys really get down to the action with Erik, Julien and Jason on the bottom trying their best to please BelAmi’s 3 (almost) exclusive tops. Almost? read more

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Steamy hot shower sex Gabriel Clark fucks Angel Cruz


Cockyboys says: There’s just something so fucking sexy about sex in the shower. It’s one of the most intimate, private places of our day-to-day lives. And to share that space with someone really amps up the bond you have with him. Angel Cruz has always had a fantasy of a hot fuck in the shower with Gabriel Clark, and lo and behold, his wish came true.

With the hot water splashing down both their naked bodies, the sexual tension intensified in an indescribable way. After some sensual washing and massaging, Gabriel slowly took Angel’s cock in his mouth for one of his world-class blowjobs. read more

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Hardcore ass fucking Adam Bryant and Scotty Zee digs deep

Men-com-straight-men-cock-sucking-Scotty-Zee-Adam-Bryant-fucking-tight-ass-hole-cocksucker-anal-rimming-huge-cock-bulge-sex-male-underwear-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: The guys are playing ball when Adam Bryant says he has to go home to his wife. Turns out Adam is leaving to tap Scotty Zee’s sweet ass and it’s sure is not his wife’s.

See hardcore ass fucking Adam Bryant and Scotty Zee digs deep here!

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Sexy blonde muscle boy Landon Mycles fucked by Jason Maddox's big thick dick

Men-com-straight-naked-hunk-Landon-Mycles-Jason-Maddox-huge-thick-dick-ass-fucking-anal-assplay-cocksucking-hairy-chest-stud-rimming-001-gay-porn-sex-gallery-pics-video-photo says: The guys place a wager where they must each land a straight guy by the end of the week. Landon Mycles has a sexy, straight roommate Jason Maddox who just broke up with his girlfriend.

Turns out Landon knows just what moves to pull when a straight guy’s cock is on the line.

See sexy blonde muscle boy Landon Mycles fucked by Jason Maddox’s big thick dick here!

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Marc Ruffalo and Rocco Alfieri raw ass fucking


Belami says: Sexy young boys Marc Ruffalo and Rocco Alfieri are back home fresh from their morning jog. Hot and sweaty the two gorgeous hunks work off their excess energy. A hot bareback fucking ensues.

See Marc Ruffalo and Rocco Alfieri raw ass fucking here!

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Sneak Peek Josh Hesketh dildo ass play ends with Jack Windsor’s big uncut cock


English Lads says: It’s one of those days where two straight lads come together and do something they shouldn’t, it’s something they shouldn’t do, but at the end of the day a little physical pleasuring is what its all about and these do are not shy in that.

Josh Hesketh jumps from doing playful shoots to wanking off another lad, sucking Jack Windsor and being sucked by Jack. Before he knows what happening Jack is shoving the purple dildo up Josh’s tight virgin boy hole, he doesn’t seem to dislike it and within a few minutes he is sitting down on Jack’s massive 8 inch uncut cock. read more

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