Blake deep throats Dillan’s huge raw cock getting it wet for his hot bubble ass

Sean Cody says: Dillan and Blake brought out each other’s inner goofball in a friendly competition of who can deep throat the furthest using bananas, of course.

It’s all about the angle, “I think that angle was actually helping me” Blake clearly knows his stuff, so Dillan had to try him out with his big dick to see for himself. read more

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Sean bareback domination of Shaw’s tight muscular bubble butt ass hole

Sean Cody says: Shaw heard a lot about Sean’s assets, and looked wide-eyed at his bulge, “I got a little bit of Italian, but not that much Italian”

Sean assured him, “Well, you’re about to get that much Italian”

In the car on the way to the house, the two muscle studs started off with some show and tell, clearly hot and bothered, but once we arrived, rough play was in order. read more

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Jerking his big muscle dick Nathan probes his ass and jerks his cock


Sean Cody says: Smooth chested muscle boy Nathan lies back naked and opens his legs showing off his hairy asshole. Pulling out a big thick dildo Nathan plugs his young boy hole right up to the hilt.

Jerking his big muscle dick, Nathan probes his ass and jerks his cock. Nathan wanks himself up to a frenzy close to orgasm his breath becomes labored as he shoots a huge spurt of hot boy cum across his ripped abs.


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Hot sexy young ripped muscle studs Derick and Frankie bareback ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Derick wanted to ask us a very important question, and we were immediately intrigued. He’s been very curious about bottoming lately, and wanted to know if he could try it out on camera.

Of course, we were excited about it, and found him a good top: Frankie. Derick was thrilled, “I’ve heard he’s pretty rough around the edges, which I like.” read more

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Duke and Tanner


Sean Cody says: Sexy dark haired muscle dude Tanner is a 20 year old straight guy who just loves to top other muscle bottom guys. Tanner licks young Duke’s tight bubble butt, getting his tongue right between the crack in his ass cheeks. Once he’s nice and wet he slips his raw dick deep inside, giving Duke a bareback fucking he’s never had before. The boys flip flop fuck each getting a big piece of raw cock. Both muscle boys get right to the edge of orgasm before they explode in a shower of hot cum.


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Sexy muscle boys Shaw and Dean bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: The chemistry between sexy muscle boys Shaw and Dean is really great. They’re both clearly very handsome, but also extremely silly, so we took them to the great outdoors for some friendly sparring to encourage their playful nature.

“No cock punching! That’s my job, I do all the cock punching.” Shaw joked.

It obviously wasn’t a joke, but Dean definitely wasn’t opposed to it.

“Shaw, who’s the winner?” We were curious to hear his response.

He pointed at Dean, “If he’s the winner, then he’s getting the dick trophy.”

Dean looked happy about that, “Sounds like a prize!”

Shaw continued, “You’re gonna take it. You’re gonna take the trophy.”

And he did take it. You can tell Shaw was giving it good with all the moans Dean made.


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