FraternityX full-on Bro’s our new bitch boy we keep bareback fucking him over

Fraternity X says: You know that even a full-on bro can end up a bitch when he keeps fucking us over.

One of the dudes in our house kept thieving all-out beer cash to fill his weed need.

Wouldn’t have been that big of a deal except that lil fucker puffs it all himself and doesn’t say shit until we’re partying hard. read more

Fraternity X dirty brotha’s young stud sucked and fucked gay sex orgy

Fraternity X says: One of our dirty brotha’s came in looking for his fuckin jacket.

Piece of shit needs to know ain’t nothin being given for free in the frat.

So we gave him his jacket, but first, we taught him a lesson on what not to do when the bro’s are watching the game. read more