Sexy ripped young British dude James Harrison yanks his 8 inch uncut dick playing with that foreskin

English Lads says: James Harrison is a young hairy man who plays a lot of football, skateboards and goes to the gym and all this activity has developed his lovely hard and defined body, his body is nicely muscled and very lean and he has let his hair grow back for the shoot.

Once he is naked you can help but stare; he is another of these young confident men with more than average in fact his uncut cock hangs long when soft and stands straight up over eight inches when erect. He loves showing off his body and the photo set is full of bum galore. read more

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Hot Belami threesome Adam Archuleta, Tim Campbell and Brian Jovovich


Belami says: It can be said that the size of a boys load depends on his level of excitement… well, watch this scene to the end and you’ll see how excited these three sexy lads Adam Archuleta, Tim Campbell and Brian Jovovich were and how furious their loads went out from their thick uncut cocks. Feels like heaven to me.

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Jaxon Colt and Sean Zevran


Raging Stallion says: Sean Zevran is boldly bare. His lean, muscled body is on total display and his cock is ready for action. Jaxon Colt kneels naked before Sean, eager to suck.

One of Jaxon’s hands steadies and guides Sean’s cock while the other freely roams Sean’s flawless skin and rippling muscles. Jaxon’s arms are tattooed, his torso is smooth, and his legs and ass are covered in fine, blond hair.

That ass entices Sean to have a taste of Jaxon’s hole. Sean’s tongue delivers an intense rim job that makes Jaxon hungry for more. Jaxon puts his back into it, clearly showing his need to be fucked. read more

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Sneak peak Ryan Lewis jerks his long thick uncut cock to a huge cumshot


English Lads says: Ryan Lewis is a tall, built, straight lad, well muscled – he does a lot of sport, and his legs in particular are really solid. He’s very lightly hairy, and just got a couple of tattoos.

He’s a little shy to start with, but while he’s standing in front of you its clear that he is very well endowed, and when it comes out and gets hard you’re definitely not disappointed.

His cock is very long and thick and he takes the camera himself and shoots a little of him playing with himself, cock rock solid, enjoying being pleasured. read more

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Young sexy footballer Riley Howard probes his tight straight asshole with a big dildo sex toy


English Lads says: Riley Howard decided it was time to come back and try some more action with his bum. So today he tries a mix of toys and plugs his butt with quite a whopper, he starts with a small one and he is soon pumping his hole with something much bigger.

As ever Riley’s uncut cock is pointing skywards and it stays rock hard through the shoot. Don’t you love it when straight lads explore their holes and discover that sensation; the one that makes you want to cum if you pump too hard. read more

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Dmitry Dickov fucks Cole Money doggy style sticking his massive cock deep inside his ass


Gay Hoopla says: Dmitry Dickov was horny and wanted some anal before dropping off Cole Money at the airport. He turned his personal handy-cam on and stuffed his cock into Cole’s mouth. After being sucked off for a few minutes, Dmitry wanted that hairy asshole.

He bent Cole over doggy style and stuck his humongous cock inside of him. Cole could feel the rush and it was amazing. Dmitry wanted to give Cole something to think about his entire flight home. Lord only knows how he was able to sit when it was all over. Cole asshole would never be the same. read more

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Sneak Peek Tomas Farago and Roland Lantos jerk their huge uncut dicks


English Lads says: Tomas Farago has done a couple of shoots now, and his large strapping body, easy smile, handsome face, and not to mention rather massive cock, have always gone down well. This time we’ve paired him with his mate Roland Lantos a handsome lad himself, a muscular tight build, dark hair, smooth body.

The lads strip off, and their hands are clearly very comfortable on each other, getting each others’ bulges hard Roland is well endowed too a fat uncut cock which gets excited at the sight of Tomas. read more

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Damien Crosse and Juan Lopez

Men-com-horny-muscle-tattoo-stud-Damien-Crosse-big-dick-sexy-guy-Juan-Lopez-man-blowjob-fucks-ass-hole-hard-dick-001-tube-download-torrent-gallery-sexpics-photo says: Damien Crosse is horny at work and uses his position and power to get his dick off. Juan Lopez is perfect for the job, starting with a good blowjob. As the action intensifies, Juan opens his hole for Damien’s hard dick to go deep inside.

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Sexy straight dude Lewis Connell’s big dick enjoys his first man wank from Ricky Hampton

English Lads says: Lewis Connell is very relaxed today, for a straight lad about to get his first man wank he doesn’t seem at all worried. He strips himself to his boxers and Ricky Hampton is on hand to massage Lewis; his shoulders, his back, his legs and abs all get special treatment, then his glutes come in for some treatment.

Ricky is great at showing off Lewis’s hairy hole and it gets a right good kneading and showing off in loads of doggie posing. Once his ass has been massaged Ricky grabs Lewis and takes him from floppy to a nice solid erection and Lewis hasn’t flinched at all. read more

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Hot freshmen Danny Defoe and Gregg Meyjes hardcore bareback ass fucking

Belami says: Today, Hungarian Freshman Danny Defoe makes his Belami Online debut with Gregg Meyjes in a beach side fuck fest between the two sexy twinks.

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