Sneak Peek Chris Little sucks Tomas Farago’s massive uncut cock


English Lads says: After doing a couple of shoots with Tomas Farago I wasn’t sure who was going to be able to take his monster cock. Then I thought who better than one of our best straight bottoms, naughty Chris Little like a good fucking.

Today Chris gets that and a whole lot more. He warms up by trying to suck Tom’s massive uncut cock and soon realises it’s not just its handsome length, but real thick.

So after stretching his mouth, Chris gets his hole stretched by Tom warming him up with a toy, quickly followed by a massive 9 inches of uncut thick cock. Chris is soon squealing in a mix of pleasure and pain, though judging by his cock hardness he isn’t minding it too much.

After a right good fucking just look at the amount of cum he shoots, wow, he gorged himself on Tom’s huge cock.



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Straight young men Tomas Farago and Roland Lantos play with each others uncut cocks


English Lads says: Tomas Farago came round with a good friend and these two lads strip each other and play with each others uncut cocks. When you have some scale next to Tomas Farago you realise just how big he is, both his body and his cock and yet Roland Lantos is not exactly small with a good and very hard uncut erection of 7 inches.

After some wanking the lads suck each other’s cocks; Roland Lantos has the hardest job as Tomas Farago has such a thick and long uncut erection, but he does a good job getting nearly two thirds in. Bit more playing and the lads lie back and shoot their loads.



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Sneak Peek Tomas Farago and Roland Lantos jerk their huge uncut dicks


English Lads says: Tomas Farago has done a couple of shoots now, and his large strapping body, easy smile, handsome face, and not to mention rather massive cock, have always gone down well. This time we’ve paired him with his mate Roland Lantos a handsome lad himself, a muscular tight build, dark hair, smooth body.

The lads strip off, and their hands are clearly very comfortable on each other, getting each others’ bulges hard Roland is well endowed too a fat uncut cock which gets excited at the sight of Tomas.

They blow each other Tomas’s huge cock really is almost too thick to suck, but Roland certainly gives a sterling effort! They both bend over for us, tight bums with hard cocks being tugged underneath a hot sight.

They both cum laying next to each other, looking at each other, bodies tense with orgasm they both end up with messy abs.



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