Sean Cody Jack and Samuel bareback raw big cock ass fucking


Sean Cody says: Jack and Samuel are both big muscle guys who absolutely look great together. There was a bit of competition as to who was stronger comparing muscles, teasing each other, joking around just like old workout buddies.

Jack really enjoyed the company, “I wouldn’t mind a workout partner everyday doing these glad I got this one.” Samuel clearly did too, “I know what else I could do every day with you.” He was really excited to bottom for the first time, “I got a virgin little asshole, so we’re gonna see what we can do with it.”

Lucky for him, Jack was there to assist. There’s nothing like two burly men going at it in a battle of the Titans.


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Sean Cody Landon’s huge black dick bareback fucking Josiah’s smooth white bubble ass


Sean Cody says: When Josiah found out that he was going to be paired up with Landon for his first sex scene on Sean Cody, he was over the moon about it. “I’ve seen him in action, and I felt the same feeling when people win the lottery.”

Landon was pleasantly surprised to hear that Josiah has been a Sean Cody fan for years, so he wanted to give some extra special attention to the newbie.

“Yeah, we’ve already clicked a little bit probably click some more here later”

And that they did. Josiah was left happily worn out by the time Landon was done with him.


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Sean Cody Nixon and Brendan big all American dick hardcore bareback raw ass fucking

Sean Cody says: Brendan is back after a bit of an absence, “Just needed a break then I saw some hot boys and decided to come back.”

He needed a proper welcoming, and Nixon was more than happy to give Brendan’s bubble butt a good pounding!

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Sexy muscle boys Shaw and Dean bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: The chemistry between sexy muscle boys Shaw and Dean is really great. They’re both clearly very handsome, but also extremely silly, so we took them to the great outdoors for some friendly sparring to encourage their playful nature.

“No cock punching! That’s my job, I do all the cock punching.” Shaw joked.

It obviously wasn’t a joke, but Dean definitely wasn’t opposed to it.

“Shaw, who’s the winner?” We were curious to hear his response.

He pointed at Dean, “If he’s the winner, then he’s getting the dick trophy.”

Dean looked happy about that, “Sounds like a prize!”

Shaw continued, “You’re gonna take it. You’re gonna take the trophy.”

And he did take it. You can tell Shaw was giving it good with all the moans Dean made.


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Abe returns to fuck sexy muscle boy Rusty’s tight bubble butt


Sean Cody says: Abe has always been a force to reckon with ever since he started with us over three years ago. It took us some convincing but we were finally able to get Abe back in the game.

I asked him what type of model we should pair him with and his only request was, “someone I can fuck through the walls!” I figured Rusty would be the perfect fit.

Both models are jacked and love to fuck. Just once look at Abe and you can see that he’s been working out quite a bit. He’s doubled in size. It also seems that taking a little break really got him all horny and ready to fuck. These two go at it for a few hours and Abe really takes control and essentially directs his own film.

When Abe wasn’t fucking a hole through Rusty, dirty talking, or slapping his ass, he was goofing off on set and making himself feel right at home. Everyone, welcome back to Abe.


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Sexy young muscle dude Cort jerks out a huge cum load


Sean Cody says: Cort is a fun-loving and carefree kind of guy who really just goes wherever the wind takes him. “I’ve traveled a lot and done a lot of odd jobs.

I’ve been a firefighter, been in the military…I’ve seen it all and done it all early on in life.” He also admits to being openly bisexual which peaked my curiosity right away. “Tell me more about this!” “It just kind of happened one day after a long day on the job.

A buddy of mine, we went out to get some drinks and next thing you know we were fooling around. It was interesting to say the least!” He said with a huge smile on his face. “Would you do it again?” I asked. He didn’t hesitate with his answer. “Yes!”


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Sean Cody Daniel is amazed at the size of Jack's huge dick

Sean Cody says: Daniel couldn’t help but gawk at Jack’s muscular physique and touch every muscle on his body. He was amazed at how big he was.

Jack was taking it all in with a smile, “He’s making me feel pretty good about myself right now.”

Daniel added, “I feel pretty good about yourself.”

Then he discovered Jack’s ass, and from there on out it was a matter of when he was going to fuck it and own it.

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Sean Cody Robert and Curtis bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: Robert is back. We were really excited to see him again because after his solo not too long ago, he hinted at the possibility of coming back, and here he is, this time for some ass. Curtis was generous enough to offer up his.

It was hot to see these two studs have fun outside and take their shirts off to show off their bodies. We noticed Robert eyeing Curtis’s rock-hard abs. “Oh! Washboard abs!” You could tell he wanted to just take him back inside and fuck him.

He went straight to town on Curtis’s hole and did a really good job for a first-timer! We had to ask, “So how was it? It looks like it was a life-changing experience for you.” Robert replied in his sexy southern accent with a grin from ear to ear, “It’s a new day, I’m a new man.


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Sean Cody Titus is nervous as shit as Brandon launches a hardcore raw fucking of his tight virgin asshole

Sean Cody says: Titus was really nervous; putting on a huge smile, accompanied by the giggles but really, he was just very enthused by the fact that Brandon would give him a good pounding.

Brandon blushed bashfully, but when it came right down to it, he really gave it to Titus and inevitably broke him out of his shyness.

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Sean Cody Daniel and Graham bareback raw big dick ass fucking

Sean Cody says: There was an instant attraction between Daniel and Graham, so as a result, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Daniel explained how the day was going to turn out, “We’re gonna get wet, we’re gonna get wild!”

Graham was grinning from ear to ear, “Fuck yeah, for sure!” We decided to go on a boat and just bask in the great weather but these two horny studs couldn’t wait any longer, so they fucked right on that boat until Graham blew his load.

We knew this was going to be a good one from the get-go.

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