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Next Door Twink says: Johnny Torque is one of the coolest guys at school, and a friend of Texas Holcum’s brother. When Johnny drops by to hang out with Texas’s bro, Texas is home alone. His brother went to the gym, so Johnny decides to hang out and pass some time chatting with Texas. Johnny takes out a pornographic magazine, featuring photos of naked girls.

Johnny sees that Texas is kind of grossed out by the magazine. This is a clear indication to Johnny that Texas MUST prefer boys. Texas has never even had a girlfriend. It all just adds up. Johnny knows that the right thing to do would be to help Texas become accustomed to nice, hard dick. read more

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Tommy White turns around to suck on Morgan Shades’ big dick


Next Door Twink says: There are those moments in life we never forget. For Tommy White, Valedictorian, one of those moments is starting now.

As Tommy tries his best to warm up in front of a mirror for the delivery of his graduation speech, his boyfriend, Morgan Shades, watches with a loving smile.

Morgan is reclined on the bed, noticing how nervous Tommy is about the big speech. He decides the best way to get his boy to relax is with a nice, loving blowjob.

It’s certainly a method Tommy likes! As Morgan sucks Tommy’s hard dick, Tommy loosens up and removes his graduation gown. read more

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Adrian Rivers, Jessie Kale, Dakota Wolfe and Tyson Stone


Next Door Twink says: Adrian Rivers, Jessie Kale, Dakota Wolfe, and Tyson Stone make up the ‘Next Door Nookie Club,’ and each member has an integral role.

Even though they haven’t cum together for a good time in a while, not one of the boys doesn’t think often of the raucous sexual adventures the foursome would have together.

When Jessie suggested they get ahold of Adrian Rivers to get the Nookie Club back together for the day, it was the beginning of a brand new adventure. read more

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Lucas Owens and Trent Ferris


Next Door Twink says: Lucas Owens slides his massive boner in and out of Trent Ferris’ supple mouth, while Ace bobs on Trent’s erect knob. Before long, Ace Adams is sharing Trent’s big throbbing dick with Lucas, taking breaks so they can all kiss, of course.

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Hottie young dude Greyson Lane sucks down hard on Princeton Price’s big raw cock

Next Door Twink says: Hot twink Greyson Lane and stud Princeton Price can’t keep their hands off each other. The two begin to kiss as things get heated and Greyson is eager to suck Princeton’s dick. They have sex in multiple positions until they both shoot their loads.

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Danny Forrest fucks Anthony Scott's tight boy asshole


Next Door Twink says: After some nice sucking, Danny Forrest agrees to go a little further and fuck Anthony Scott’s ass but Anthony must agree not to tell a soul.

Here’s your chance to watch these hot, horny twinks get better acquainted as Anthony takes advantage of his new roomie’s curiosity.

See Danny Forrest fucking Anthony Scott’s tight boy asshole here!

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Garrett Cooper slides his big fat erect cock into Max Penn’s ass


Next Door Twink says: Max Penn is bummed out because he doesn’t think he’ll have a date for prom. He wnats to go with Garrett Cooper, who’s been a good friend for a while now, but neither his own, nor Garrett’s parents know either of them are gay.

When Max’s dad surprises Max by telling him he already knows he’s gay, and that Max should go ahead and ask Garrett to prom, Max thinks his dreams are coming true. But Garrett’s parents aren’t nearly as cool as Max’s dad. Garrett tells Max he can’t go to prom with him because his parents would surely find out and kick Garrett out of the house. read more

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