Straight English lad Casias Bradley jerks his 8 inch uncut cock till he blows his load all over himself

English Lads says: Casias Bradley is a really handsome young man, fresh faced, lean bodied, he’s in really great shape, he has a disarming smile and you just want to see him with his clothes off. He’s really tall, and has some tattoos, and although he has a young face, his body is definitely that of a man.

When he strips off his jeans and boxers a massive uncut monster emerges, he gets solid, and wanks for us, a thick long uncut cock getting tugged for our viewing pleasure. He pulls back his legs and shows us his lightly hairy hole before taking the camera and filming himself. read more

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Ripped young nude muscle dude Ellis Mann jerks his big uncut dick to a massive cum shot


English Lads says: Ellis Mann is a young man who plays lots of sports and combine that with a physical job and this young lad has a ripped and real toned body, his abs are rock hard and once you see him naked you will understand why I suggest you can’t tell which is harder; his uncut cock or his abs.

Both are rock hard and his uncut cock is lovely and long, both when soft and when erect it is one of those that just looks perfect. Ellis is discovering it is fun to show off his hair free body, though there is a light fuzz of blondness around his hole. read more

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Naked wrestling Jack Windsor fucked by Tyler Hirst’s big uncut dick


English Lads says: These two lads, Jack Windsor and Tyler Hirst, have got to know each other quite well over the last two years as we have done quite a few events during that time this seemed like a natural pairing once Jack gave up his hole.

There is lots of teasing and starting with a wrestling theme was a great way to get the lads all pumped up and real competitive. Jack took it real serious and tried to take the lead and having removed straight Royal Marines Tyler’s boxers first, he was quite pleased with himself. read more

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Straight young naked football player Will Shaw jerks his huge 8 inch dick


English Lads says: Will Shaw is a young man who earns his living skateboarding and he shot to fame a few years ago by appearing on ITV’s Magaluf Weekender, back in 2013 he caught a lot of gay men’s attention since he was running around naked on the TV show and his cock is one that hangs long and he gets semi very easy.

Today’s shoot is a great example of that, he hardly seems to do soft, before you know it his cock is hard and Will is one of these lads who can’t not touch. He is constantly playing with his cock and he loves it. read more

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Sexy ripped young British dude Tommy Tee strips naked and jerks his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: You occasionally meet straight young men who you can’t quite categorize and Tommy Tee is certainly one of these. A young man with a hard laboring job that has made his body firm and scarred by his work and yet he drops his clothes and his body looks great and his uncut cock rises up and stands proud.

He doesn’t quite know how to react to an uncut cock that rises up and can’t be controlled. Luckily he is more than engaging enough to just come along for the journey and show off his hair free body and almost hair free hole. read more

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Hot straight dude James Francis jerks his big uncut dick to a massive orgasm of cum

English Lads says: James Francis is one of these young men who plays lots of sports is becomes more comfortable when he is not in clothes. He has one of those lean and toned bodies and as soon as his lovely uncut cock comes out he just can’t leave it alone and who can blame him, its nice and long when soft and once he gets it aroused his cock sticks up like a missile, its long and solid and throbs and spurts.

Slightly shy showing us his hairy hole, but once over that he lies back and shows how his uncut cock when pumped hard for a few minutes gushes a nice load of cum. read more

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English Lads 21 year old ripped stud Freddie Rogers jerks his 7 inch uncut dick


English Lads says: Young lad Freddie Rogers is a fresh faced handsome straight guy, with a great body. Lightly covered with blond fuzz, his strong upper body shows that he trains hard and works out his body.

He has great, defined pecs, shoulders and arms, and as he strips off shows us muscly legs too, his large uncut cock lays soft over his big balls until he starts playing with it, his uncut cock getting rock hard while he swaps between working out for us and wanking.

He shoots some of the film himself giving us a his point of view of his thick veiny cock, before flipping on to his back and pulling his legs back, showing his hole. He shoots a thick load over his abs, what a nice mess. read more

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Josh Hesketh strips down to his briefs and flexes his bulging body and before long his uncut cock flops out

English Lads says: Josh Hesketh is a young man with a great job and he discovered it is real fun to show off on camera. He is naturally athletic and plays lots of sports and as a result he enjoys showing off his body for us to admire.

He strips down to his briefs and flexes his bulging body and before long his uncut cock flops out and is in his hand, quickly point up to the sky. Josh has a nice long uncut cock like a tube of steel and he enjoys pumping his uncut cock, soon turning over and showing off his hair free hole in a load of sexy and teasing positions. read more

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Young sexy boy Caspar Hamilton jerks his huge 7.5 uncut dick to a massive cum explosion


English Lads says: Caspar Hamilton first did a shoot a year ago and now at 19 he is back to show us how much he loves showing off his body. Casper is most comfortable when he has nothing on and has one of those uncut cocks that reacts to touch and the second it’s in his hand his cock rears up and is erect in seconds.

Casper has a big uncut cock, just under 8 inches long and over 6 inches round, this lads cock is both long and chunky. When erect Casper is real rock solid, he one of those rocket cocks that sticks straight up and is as hard as metal. read more

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Footballer Joey Barton wanks his big cock and ends up fingering his hairy ass hole


English Lads says: Joey Barton is a young man who plays lots of football and also does a lot of training for boxing. Today he show us his muscular body, which would be pretty hairy if he didn’t shave his chest.

He shows us a little shadow boxing, is a little nervous at the beginning, but as more clothes come off he becomes more confident.

When he drops his boxers, out flops a real big uncut cock, Joey is hung and once he has it in his hand it swells up and suddenly his nerves have vanished. read more

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