Hung brown furry nudist Hawaiian surfer Kana


Island Studs says: This straight surf Stud is so sexy to watch. I ask Kana back to my condo for a shower and to complete the jerk off scene on the chair in the living room.

I wanted to see this sexy Hawaiian Surfer in a more INTIMATE & PRIVATE setting: INDOORS. As I expected, Kana becomes completely uninhibited in the privacy of the condo.

He is happy jerking his hard, brown, uncut dick and flexing & posing for the camera, giving us great views of his tight, athletic, furry body from every angle. Watch as he spreads his furry, athletic thighs WIDE showing off his hairy, man butt hole. read more

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Lil Boy Lance & huge 10 inch dick Glenn are back as naked bike ride buddies


Island Studs says: Lil’ Boy Lance and huge 10 inch cock Glenn are back as naked bike ride buddies in this hot duo action video. Lil’ Lance, the polite well-mannered boy from Maine and Glenn, the foul mouthed Puerto Rican Jersey stud is back, this time together for a naked bike ride.

When they arrived on bikes for their second shoot, I immediately asked them to strip naked and continue to ride for my cameras.

Lil’ Lance seems to chuckle at Glenn’s antics and continues to be the sweet muscle boy with the amazing six pack ripped abs we met during his first shoot. read more

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Hung real life cousins and roommates Terrance and Tremaine are back jerking their huge dicks

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Island Studs says: Hung real life cousins and roommates Terrance and Tremaine are back, telling sexy stories of living together and shaggy women in the same room, stripping naked in the dense Oregon Forest on a cloudy spring day,

They’re both posing and hugging fully naked with their big friendly smiles, walking fully nude through the forest and open fields for the very first time in their home State, before returning to the mountain cabin.

They play together, pump iron fully aroused, jerk side by side outdoors, compare cock sizes and man bushes, showing off their super swollen hung big black dicks, before busting big loads all other their smooth ripped bodies and then take a super sexy shower talking and joking as they soap up their beautiful dark skin. read more

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Horse-hung Hawaiian skater boy Kahi strips naked and wanks his massive 9 inch uncut monster cock


Island Studs says: Horse-hung Hawaiian skater boy Kahi is a talkative Italian-Hawaiian twink with a tight all-natural smooth boy-body, full bush of dark dick hair, big low hanging balls and a massive 9 inch uncut monster cock.

Kahi talks to the camera completely naked with a throbbing rock hard dick, opens his smooth ass cheeks wide open while cleaning a Koi pond and jerks off with his fantastic foreskin.

Kahi (English translation: ‘Smooth’), born and raised on the Islands, is true to the meaning of his Hawaiian name: 22 years old, 6 feet and 155 lbs and is totally smooth from head to toe except for the big bush of black dick hair surrounding his huge 9 inch straight uncut boy cock. read more

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Tall 6’3″ Emilio take his 8 inch out of his underwear and jerks it till he explodes spraying cum all over himself

Island Studs says: Tall 6’3″ hung hapa Hawaiian surfer boy Emilio is back, showing off his a tight all-natural smooth tan boy-body, nice bush of dark Asian Hawaiian dick hair, big ball sack and a big thick ‘always’ hard 8 inch towering belly slapper.

He strokes his big fat Hawaiian boner sticking out of his grey boxer briefs, takes a long piss in the garden, stands jerking his throbbing red cock with a Hawaiian Flower Lei wrapped around his erection like a cock ring and one dangling around his sexy neck. read more

Island Studs big bodybuilder Baker jerks his fat 8 inch cock


Island Studs says: Big bodybuilder Baker is proud of his thick Ripped body, fat 8 inch cock, massive muscle butt, rock hard abs and his big heavy ball sack he pulls and stretches before busting a big load and pissing. This is the very first time Oregon lumberjack Baker is seen naked on camera exercising, posing, flexing, splitting lumber, jerking off and proudly showing off his awesome 8 inch Rock Hard cock and body.

Feast your eyes on every inch of this sexy Straight hunk’s thick blue collar naked ripped body as he strokes his fat dong and stretches his nut sack as he holds his ax in one hand and his swollen cock in the other. There is something very sexy about seeing a comfortable naked muscle jock showing us his great set of pecs, perfect muscle butt and massive meat. read more

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Island Studs says: Beautiful, ripped, tight-bodied blond Californian surfer Todd jerks his huge 8 inch cock outdoors. Horny hunk swims underwater with a full erection.

Standing tall and lean at 6’3”, 165 lbs, this 22 year old, virgin has a perfectly natural, hairless boy body, tanned from his hours at the beach, teaching surf lesson to tourists in Hawaii. Todd has the perfect amount of dark masculine hair coming out of his fine white ass cheeks and in his virgin butt crack.

Feast your eyes on this nudist boy as he walks around the pool area, fully naked with full boner. He bends over several times as he works and his big, low hanging, hairy balls dangle between his smooth, white ass cheeks. read more

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Real straight buff surfer Nyles 22 year old with a killer all natural body and big dick


Island Studs says: California surfer Nyles says with excitement, as he walks fully nude toward the waves holding his surfboard in one hand and wiggling his amazing rugby muscle butt as he walks on the public beach in Hawaii in this exclusive video from island studs.

If you missed surf instructor Nyles and big daddy van playing football and skinny dipping together in naked football #5 from island studs, join now as you will not want to miss Nyles’ surfing and jerking off for the first time. read more

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Beefy Brody


Island Studs says: Beefy Brody is a 21 year old college football player with a big muscle butt and powerful athletic thighs that he shows off as he lifts weights fully naked with a towering rock hard dick outside in the hot Hawaiian sun.

See Beefy Brody here!

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Horse-hung Hawaiian American musician Kurt jerks his huge 9 inch monster cock


Island Studs says: Horse-hung Hawaiian, American musician, Kurt is back showing off his a tight all-natural smooth boy-body, full bush of dark dick hair, big low hanging balls and a giant 9 inch perfect monster cock, while working naked in the garden and playing his ukulele with a throbbing rock hard dick before shooting an explosive load of cum.

Tall sexy Kurt, born and raised on the islands, is a real Hapa Hawaiian musician: still 20 years old, a tall 6’3″, 160 lbs and is totally smooth from head to toe, except for the big bush of black Hawaiian dick hair surrounding his massive 9 inch straight boy cock. read more

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