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English Lads says: Caspar Hamilton is a cheeky loud lad bursting with personality and confidence. He’s got a great toned, smooth body, and is all too happy to strip off for us. He bursts into wide grins, making him even more handsome, and clearly loves the attention of performing for a camera.

His uncut cock gets solid quickly when he starts playing with it, and today he grabs a dildo and starts pushing it into himself as he wanks, he clearly enjoys the experience and is soon wanking hard while pushing it deep into his bum, pumping it into him until his body tenses and he shoots a nice thick load over his abs. read more

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English Lads says: Young straight pup Ryan Ledson introduces Jamie French, straight mate who it seems loves sucking.

See young teen straight boy Jamie French loves sucking Ryan Ledson’s 7 inch uncut dick here! read more

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English Lads says: James Craig is a personal trainer, quite relaxed on camera, slightly awkward at the beginning but as his clothes come off he is another of these lads that fully relaxes once his cock is in his hand. He has one of these uncut cocks that gets real hard and points up like a rocket, he is almost hair free and when he lies back you can see his hole in all its hairless glory.

He loves wanking his uncut cock and after all the teasing he lies back and shoots; not ordinary orgasm, James shoots a couple of loads over his abs and continues shooting further, he covers himself in cum, this lads know how to orgasm. read more

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Sneak Peek sexy naked young man Briley Hall wanks his big thick uncut dick


English Lads says: Briley Hall is a young straight man who over the years has worked hard on perfecting that toned body with nice muscle size and real low body fat. He has bright blue eyes and as those clothes come off he smiles more and then he looks younger and cheekier.

Briley enjoys showing off his body and today he has let his body hair grow so you can enjoy his muscled pecs with a sprinkling of hair. Not only does he show us his hairy body, but gets over his shyness of showing his hole and he shows it off perfectly in a load of positions. read more

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Ricky Hampton gets a right good fucking from black straight muscle boy Casey Lee


English Lads says: Casey Lee has been on quite some journey, this young straight boxer is only doing his third shoot and he really goes for it, letting Ricky Hampton strip and wank him and before he knows it he is wanking Ricky. Doesn’t take long before he is fucking Ricky, two straight lads enjoying each other’s rock hard uncut cocks.

Casey gives Ricky a pretty hard and vigorous fucking and after a romp around the bed Ricky is lying back shooting cum everywhere. Casey pulls out, stands up and shoots his load all over Ricky. read more

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Jon Williams strips naked showing off his hairy legs and asshole jerking his huge uncut dick

English Lads says: Jon Williams is one of these confident young men, very laid back and so he is as natural in his clothes as out of them and when at home he hangs around naked and has no issue walking round his home completely naked.

He has two younger brothers who also do the same, yet his parents are always dressed. Young men who love showing off their bodies and don’t they make great models since Jon is as natural clothed as naked and he is one of these lads who constantly plays with his big uncut cock, not wanking it just nudging and fiddling. read more

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Sneak Peek English Lads Jack Ashton probes his straight ass hole with a big dildo


English Lads says: After some persuasion Jack Ashton finally came round to the idea of playing with a toy and once he had committed he really went for it and did a great job. Just started off nice and cautious, slow and steady and once he got used to the feeling he pumped it in and out real well.

Jack did a really good job probes his straight ass hole with the dildo and even managed to do a nice cum shot while still pumping away. Well done Jack I hope your adventure will continue. There is quite a large number of bonus shots in this set, the toy shoot was in the bedroom but there is a whole section of Jack in the sunshine and hot tub. read more

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English Lads horny straight lad Paul Flynn jerks his big uncut cock to a massive cum explosion over his abs


English Lads says: Paul Flynn plays a lot of football and when not training with the team he is down the gym squeezing in at least 5 trips a week; so what you see is a young man with a well muscled body and all that exercise has given him great definition.

He enjoys showing off on camera, is glancing at himself in the video recording the photo shoot and seems to be getting turned on by that. He is a slightly quiet and dam horny straight lad with a lovely uncut cock that when hard is hard and is so hard it doesn’t move. read more

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Sneak Peek Brendan Howard strips naked and jerks his rock hard 7.5 inch uncut cock


English Lads says: Brendan Howard is a blond, handsome young lad, mates with model Casey Lee. Brendan has long wavy hair, some facial hair, and light hair on his chest and he has a cheeky manner which is really attractive.

He has a lean but muscular body, much like Casey, and is confident in his body, he strips and after a bit of wanking his cock is standing rock hard, his uncut cock is really thick, and long too.

Brendan shows it off well, taking control of the camera at one point, he also flips over and shows off his ass – before wanking on the bed, and cumming, nice mess. read more

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English Lads sexy young naked stud Jack Ashton jerks his big uncut 8 inch cock

Young nude footballer hunk Jack Ashton gives his hole its 1st ever dildo workout!…… read more

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