Belami Online’s sexy naked young man and super top Zac Dehaan has never bottomed


Belami says: Zac Dehaan is one of Belami’s fan favorites. The sexy Hungarian with his smooth skin, muscular body, bubble butt, big dick and cute face has seduced many of us. He is a perfect power top, being one of very few Belami model’s who has never bottomed. His best photo shoot ever.



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Sneak Peek hunky straight lad Cameron has a sneaky wank in public


English Lads says: It’s been a while since hunky straight lad Cameron Donald made us a sneaky wank video out in public, so we thought it’s about time to treat you guys.

This time Cameron has driven to a slightly secluded road though there are still plenty of cars still driving past! It’s early in the morning and Cameron fancies a tug before a long drive, so why not watch him shoot on himself and enjoy the view.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


All the English Lads updates right here!


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Young boys Remi Mint and Jacob Ladder fucking


Cock Virgins says: It’s Friday night and Remi Mint was invited to the biggest party of the year, but he’s more of a solo type person so he likes to just walk around doing some people-watching while he has his cold delicious drink.

Remi posts up against the fridge when Jacob Ladder comes into the garage looking for another drink. Jacob sees that Remi showed up and so they banter back and forth and eventually Jacob shows him around the house until they end up in his parents’ bedroom.

Nervous and not sure what to do Remi goes with the flow and before you know it Jacob is making out with him. Remi is new to all of this so Jacob takes the lead and has him suck his fat cock.

They take turns blowing each other and Remi opens his tight ass for him as he takes all of that fat cock deep inside of him.

Slow and steady these two party boys end up with a very nice creamy party ender.



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Julian Tomlinson and Benito Moss


Male Reality says: After working long hours a worker decides to take a nap at the office and awakes to a well deserved surprise. With Julian Tomlinson and Benito Moss.


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Dom Josef sits down hard on Ondrej Oslava's raw cock for a bareback fucking


Cocksure Men says: Hunky Ondrej Oslava lays on a bed fully clothed and stroking his hard, uncut cock. Young Dom Josef comes into the bedroom and they kiss. Dom worships Ondrej’s muscular abs and chest. Ondrej moans as Dom sucks his hard prick.

They take each other’s clothes off and Ondrej licks and sucks Dom’s big pole. They 69 with Dom on top. Dom turns around and fucks Ondrej’s face. Dom pile drives his rod deep into Ondrej’s mouth as he gets finger banged. His hole ready for action, Dom sits on Ondrej’s raw cock for a bareback ride.

Ondrej pummels him hard and fast from below. Dom changes his view and sits again on the hard, raw cock. They take a break to kiss and suck each other. Ondrej gets behind Dom and barebacks him from behind. Dom holds his big dick as Ondrej slides his raw cock in and out.

Ondrej Oslava shoots his wad on Dom’s ass then slides his sticky prick in bareback, seeding Dom. With Ondrej at his side kissing and touching him, Dom Josef shoots his load onto his abs.

A final kiss ends the scene.



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Sexy naked British young man Toni Filip strips and jerks his big uncut cock

English Lads says: Toni Filip is a lean, fit young straight guy who modelled for us on FitYoungMen and was happy showing a bit more! He’s a handsome guy, been working out a bit and looks good naked.

He strips out of his sports kit and gets his uncut cock hard, playing with it and showing himself off, and flipping over to his front to show off his bum.

Filip pulls apart his cheeks and shows his lightly hairy hole, before laying back and jerking himself more, bringing himself to orgasm and shooting over his tensed abs.


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English Lads straight young dude Danny McCaw probes his ass with a big dildo


English Lads says: Danny McCaw is a straight man who plays a lot of football, works out at the gym and knows quite a lot of our models and this helped a little when it came to today’s shoot; he had toyed with the idea of playing with a dildo and didn’t like the idea, but after a few months of persuasion he came round to it and Danny is one of these models who when he commits he fully commits.

So that means he doesn’t tip e toe around and slowly engage dildo up ass, he slams it in and pumps it in and out with real enthusiasm. He does a great job at showing off a bunch of positions you can dildo your hole and after all his teasing his hole he lies back and unloads an impressive load of cum.

Well done Danny, can we push you into a massage, please.



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Belami Online’s gay sex training with Jean-Daniel Chagall fucking Jon Kael’s tight bubble butt asshole


Belami says: Our Freshmen of the month for November will be Jon Kael, so to celebrate the fact we decided to show you one of the scenes he has filmed for Belami Online. Today we have him here with the perennially beautiful Jean-Daniel Chagall.


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Straight English lad Paul Jones jerks his 7.5 inch uncut cock


English Lads says: Paul Jones is a tall hunk of a rugby player with a great physique that is really hairy. His muscles are nicely rounded and he is pretty ripped, has real hairy legs and chest and pretty much everywhere, even with an impressive bush.

When Paul drops his boxers you can enjoy his uncut cock, he plays with his foreskin and gets a nice semi, wow this cock grows and wait till you see it full erect. He has an impressive erection, his uncut cock is both long and chunky, one meaty cock.

He is not shy about his body so you can enjoy lots of hairy hole before he lies back and dumps many impressive squirts of cum all over his hairy chest and abs. Wow, thank you Paul for showing off your great body.



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Jim Kerouac’s huge twink dick bareback fucks Johnny Bloom’s tight boy hole


Belami says: Jim Kerouac and Johnny Bloom, both ripped muscular young men really hit it off in this hardcore gay bareback fuck session. Filmed in Cape Town South Africa, both sexy muscle boys really give their all, with Johnny’s raw asshole taking the strain of Jim’s huge uncut cock.

A hardcore ass fucking the like of which we can only dream of. Another horny bareback fucking from those ultra sexy Belami Boys.



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