Cameron Donald and Joel Jenkins

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Sneak Peek Marc Bozzi first time wank from Cameron Donald


English Lads says: Marc Bozzi has an impressive, taught, muscly body, he’s a cute looking lad, but when his shirt comes off he reveals an impressively built upper body, great pecs, strong arms and shoulders, and a hair free chest.

The rest of his body is ripped too, he has a great six pack, we’re just keen to see all the hidden parts now.

And he doesn’t disappoint, he has a nice uncut cock, and pert little ass. Cameron Donald opts to come in and start massaging it, along with the rest of his body. read more

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Sneak Peek Cameron Donald and Tyler Hirst


English Lads says: Former Royal Marine Tyler Hirst has been busy recently fucking all these guys and today he pops another straight lad cherry and is the first to fuck straight young hunk Cameron Donald.

Cameron did a great job at getting it doggie and it wasn’t till he sat on Tyler that he realised quite what a challenge it is to sit on the whole thing. Though like a trooper he took a deep breath, pulled some funny faces, held his breath and went for it.

He does a great job at letting Tyler be the first to exercise his hole and the two lads had a great time teasing each other all the way through the shoot. Tyler is first to cum and Cameron gets some payback, dumping his load on Tyler. read more

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Sneak Peak Dan Broughton and Cameron Donald

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Sneak Peek Josh Hesketh gets hard and Cameron Donald gives him a sensual slow wank


English Lads says: Josh Hesketh is a lad with a stunning body lean and muscular at the same time, his body is smooth and really well defined. His upper body in particular has great definition.

He strips down to his boxers for us, then lays on the bed while Cameron Donald gets to give him a massage, pulling down his pants to reveal a pert bum, and smooth hole.

Josh gets hard and Cameron gives him a sensual slow wank, exploring his body, and treating Josh. Josh isn’t shy about showing his hole, and even allows his hole to be teased a little while wanking. read more

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Cameron Donald is the first guy to touch Marc Bozzi’s big uncut cock


English Lads says: Marc Bozzi is a young man who likes showing off his body and today he lets Cameron Donald be the first lad to touch that finely tuned physique and grab a handful of his uncut cock.

The shoot starts off quite teasy, Marc lies back and enjoys being massaged, he is unsure a guy should be touching his uncut cock, but after some reassuring touches he relaxes, his cock grows and once erect he really relaxes.

Cameron gives Marc a right good tough massage and gives Marc a really good wanking and judging at how erect Marc is he is looking to be really enjoying himself. read more

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Sneak Peak Cameron Donald and Joel Jenkins

Straight Cameron 1st guy to wank Joel’s huge uncut cock! read more

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Ricky Hampton and Cameron Donald


English Lads says: Ricky Hampton is becoming increasingly naughty on camera, he is bounding full of energy and confidence, but he didn’t want to do anything other than a solo. Luckily he changed his mind and so he lets Cameron Donald massage him, who pays special attention to Ricky’s hole.

See Ricky Hampton and Cameron Donald fully exposed here!

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Sneak Peak Cameron Donald and Kevin Wilson

Hairy straight pup Kevin sucks his 1st cock & lucky Cameron gets blown! read more

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Sneak Peek Tyler Hirst fucks Cameron Donald first time cock


English Lads says: Cameron Donald and Tyler Hirst are two of our most popular straight guy and for good reason – both lads are muscly, athletic guys they definitely look after their bodies, and seeing them paired together is really hot.

They’re handsome lads, and although they’re straight, they’re persuadable to push their boundaries so in this shoot we’re definitely pushing them.

The lads waste no time in stripping off their clothes and getting out the baby oil – massages and blow jobs are soon being exchanged horny straight lads getting their mouths around each other’s uncut cocks a real treat. read more

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