Terrell was sporting a stiffy from sucking my cock


Boys Halfway House says: Terrell a good-for-nothing grew up a country boy but turned into street trash real quick. He took a bus down to Florida to hook up with a chick that turned out to be a tranny, and when he flipped out she kicked him out on the streets. He got our number and called from the Greyhound station wondering if we had any beds open.

My guess is that he figured that a halfway house was a cheap place to stay if he didn’t make enough money for a bus ticket in the men’s room. You’d be surprised how many young men use halfway houses as hostels when they are down on their luck. We tend to discourage that type of guy, but I thought, “What the hell, I’ll go pick him up and see what he looks like.”

Man, he looked rough, but I could tell that he would probably make a good bitch with a little cleaning up. The first thing I had him do when we arrived back at the House was take a shower, and I also threw his clothes in the laundry right away. This kid must have been on the streets for a few days. After he was all freshened up, I was pleased with my decision.

By the next day, however, he had gotten into some trouble. I was ecstatic. I had been waiting to dive into this kid’s hole, and this was a perfect opportunity. After marching him into a room, I had him down on my dick quicker than a pro needing a dime bag. I wasn’t surprised that he was good at sucking dick; I’m assuming he honed that skill getting out of trouble before.

And I wasn’t quite sure if that’s as far as he had gone with a dude. I was guessing he was a virgin since he was so repulsed by the she-male who tricked him into straying so far from home. Then again, he was sporting a stiffy from sucking my cock. I chalked that hard-on up to the fact he probably doesn’t get a lot of close physical contact. A lot of guys are like that.

Well, when I finally got my raw cock in his ass, I knew that I was taking his V-card. This skinny little black boy was tighter than a Mississippi noose. Damn, he felt good. I went slow at first didn’t want to hurt him. But once he was acclimated, I rolled him over and let loose. I end up dumping my load into his freshly popped cherry.

What a good fuck. Just to keep him uncomfortable, I have him work up his cock and jerk off, and I helped him out a little at the end. The guy cums buckets. Maybe I turned him.


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