Mark Long fucks Ty Thomas' tight boy ass hole

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Next Door World says: Inspired by the film, The Talented Mr. Ripley, we take a peek into an alternative outcome when our Talented Mr. Bubbles played by Ty Thomas and a son of a wealthy businessman, Mark Long. A reenactment of their bathtub scene leaves the viewer lusting for a visual of what would happen if they two moved past their reservations during the intense chess game while Mark soaks in a warm bath.

When the question of if the other has ever shared a bath before arises, we see what seems to be an uneasy Mark questioning the intention of the question from Ty. He quickly rewords the question to seem he wants to get in after Mark to which Mr. Long offers him the tub and proceeds to grab them both a drink. 

As Ty soaks in the tub, Mark brings the drink back to him and asks him if he wants it. Ty is confused… the moment is filled with sexual tension as Mark’s enormous dick hangs by Ty’s face as he soaks. A shy Ty finds himself in a life changing moment as Mark takes Ty’s hand and places it on his hardening dick.

A first time male on male encounter that fulfills your ever lustful dream of two testosterone filled men exploring their sexual curiosities for the first time with each other in this reenactment of a classic film.





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