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David Corey

David showers himself with some liquid cum of his own! Video Boys says: And after a walk in the rain, a warm shower really gets David Corey hard. Watching water flow over David’s sexy body is a wonder of nature. And when he’s sufficiently soaked and excited, David showers himself

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Shawn Beliveau

Straightest guy Shawn’s been sucked by guys! Video Boys says: When we met Shawn Beliveau two years ago he was probably one of the straightest guys we’d ever met. So he’s kissed guys, sucked and been sucked by guys and fucked guys. See Shawn Beliveau fully exposed here!

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Damien Gunn

Eighteen year old pretty boy Damien jerks his big thick dick!…… Video Boys says: Eighteen year old pretty boy Damien Gunn treats us some playful pics/vids of sexy young body and big cock. Damien is a master of seducing the camera. The sultry looks and the teasing reveal of skin

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Vic Palmer

Vic’s huge hard cock sticks straight out at us! Video Boys says: The first time we saw Vic Palmer naked his dick was soft and quite frankly we thought it was pretty average as soft dicks go. We turned away for just a minute or two and when we turned

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Zac Hunter

Zac is in heaven when he’s riding his big dildo!…… Video Boys says: Zac Hunter just keeps surprising us. We’ve known him for a few months now and when we see him, all he ever talks about is boys, boys, boys and sex, sex, sex. And as cute and fun

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