Sam James


English Lads says: Sam James is enjoying himself, he shows off his almost hair free hole superbly, hole wide open; lies back, kicks his legs up and sucks the end of his cock.


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Sneak Peak Jaden Hicks and Ben Thompson


English Lads says: Best mates Jaden Hicks and Ben Thompson come even further along their explorations, it starts with a bit of teasy wanking and before you know it they have both sucked their first cocks and naughty Chris Little is enjoying teaching the Essex lads a thing or two! A little wanking and sucking practice later and Chris is fingering Ben’s hairless hole and shoves his big fat uncut cock pretty fast in Ben’s virgin hole.



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Doug Mitchell and Josh Perry


English Lads says: Doug Mitchell then suggests that he fucks Josh Perry; he responds and is soon on all fours allowing Doug to slide his thick and long uncut cock in to Josh’s arse, who proclaims ‘that’s hitting in the spot, fuck me some more’.


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Ex UK Mr Gay UK winner Dan Broughton sucks off straight Rugby player dude Cory Burns’ huge uncut cock till he blows his load all over


English Lads says: Part 1: This is one of those photo shoots of Cory Burns that was lost when a drive failed back in about 2013 and it was re-shot as the cost of recovery back then was a lot higher than today.

Recently I paid for the data to be recovered, a few Fit Young Men sets and a couple of EL sets can now come online.

This was Cory’s first EL shoot and as you can see his trademark erect uncut cock comes out hard and then stays erect. He shows off his very muscular rugby players body and ends in a great mess with cum firing all over his abs, well done Cory.

Part 2: Cory is one of these big and tall straight rugby players who you just don’t expect to be doing this, though he seems to be quite relaxed and discovering showing off his body is a lot of fun and actually he discovers Dan Broughton gives a really good blow-job!

For a guy who isn’t used to men touching him he is doing great, in fact, if you look at how hard his uncut cock is during this and all his shoots he is getting a little bit of pleasure out of this work.

Dan sucks Cory’s cock real good and judging by the big load of cum on Cory’s abs, he more than enjoyed himself and you never know, maybe we can push him further.





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Sneak Peek George Perkins


English Lads says: George Perkins is a big muscle straight man, handsome, tall with plenty of muscle. He’s done quite a lot of stripping in the past, so isn’t shy about showing off his physique and knows how to turn on a crowd, but he’s more used to entertaining women than guys.

He strips off and shows us his muscles, upper body and legs are equally impressive, and there’s a sign that something big is stirring in his boxers.

When he gets his cock out its impressive, very thick and long, and uncut, great combo. He wanks it off for us, you can just imagine servicing this stud’s cock. He shoots on himself, making a nice mess.



Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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Tall blonde sexy young lad Aiden Walsh strips and jerks his large uncut cock


English Lads says: Aiden Walsh is a tall blonde lad, he’s handsome and confident. He recently stripped off naked for Fit Young Men (Aiden Walsh naked photo shoot here). He’s got a great physique, he’s lean and sporty, but got a well defined chest and solid legs. He’s got a light amount of hair on him – some facial and a fuzz on his chest.

I think he’s rightly proud of his body, and enjoys showing it to the camera, when his clothes come off, and he gets hold of the camera himself he starts to really show off, playing with his balls, his large uncut cock and wanking for us.

He looks very hot when he’s kneeling, bum in the air, wanking and we see his balls bouncing from behind! He shoots a thick load on his abs, and looks rightly proud of his performance.



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Sneak Peak Marcus Oaks and Dan Broughton


Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.

English Lads says: Marcus Oaks is happy to receive his first man-handling and he lets Dan Broughton do a great job at showing off his hair free hole in a great bum show off feature.


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Big dick straight guy James Welbeck is English Lads newest gay for pay star


English Lads says: James Welbeck is a tall young man with a great physique, he plays a lot of football, loves the gym and works as a roofer, so all that physical activity has resulted in his big muscles and beautiful definition.

He enjoys showing off his body, and doesn’t hesitate getting naked and as his boxers come down you can enjoy his other big asset.

James has a big cock, not just long but his uncut cock is real thick and he can hardly get his hand round it. Once naked he does a great job at showing off his body and specially for the shoot he has shaven his hole so you can see every detail.

Straight men love getting naked on camera and judging by his cum shot, his load flies past his head and splats on the floor way past his head. Wow now that was impressive, another turner on straight guy.



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Sneak Peak George Craig


Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.

English Lads says: George Craig is a young lad who has loads of confidence and who has no qualms about showing his body off, he’s naturally very lean, he plays a lot of football.


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Sneak Peak Jack Windsor and Cameron Donald


English Lads says: Jack Windsor and Cameron Donald start off comparing physiques and doing some press ups, they start getting intimate with each other’s bulges, but are interrupted when Andrew arrives at the door.


Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.


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